Do you ever wonder what happens when you do a Google search with the words “Air conditioning repair near me?” There are many search engines out there that use the same kind of technology to produce relevant search results, but Google is the most popular these days.  Because we are the best air conditioning repair source around, we can give you a little tidbit of knowledge that may be of use to you someday.

Your Location

If you are on a desktop computer, most likely the results will show around the area that your internet service provider is located in, and not exactly where you are. However, if you are using a cell phone and allow Google to use your precise location the search results will show up for the exact area you are in. If you know how to adjust your settings you can even set your own parameters for the distance you want your results to show for. Because more and more people are using voice dictation to do searches, search engine technology has evolved towards the use of key phrases that people use commonly to find things on the web. When people are looking for things near them say, for instance, air conditioning repair, they will summon Alexa or Siri, or whoever and say “Air conditioning repair near me…” An infinite amount of possibilities are instantly ruled out by an algorithm that Google owns and results appear for options within a few miles of where you are.

Relevant Results

When Google goes to work it uses technology to seek out the most relevant results it can muster up to bring to the seeker. Base on information that is scattered about on the world wide web websites that have strong, relevant information and can be of use become part of the search results first. There, of course, are also the ads that people pay for that show up on the top of the pages. You can see the little “Ad” sign next to them. Other than those ads, the businesses with the strongest websites reach the top of the results. It takes time and a lot of work to become relevant to Google, so when you see organic results at the top of a search it is a good indication that the business is pretty solid.

Atchley Air

When you do a Google search for anything that has to do with heating, air conditioning, HVAC, furnace repair, etc. and you find Atchley Air it is because we have been around long enough to build a powerful web presence and an impeccable reputation with all of our customers. If you are in our area and you do a web search for “air conditioning near me” we will most certainly show up. If you are looking for air conditioning repair, or furnace repair, or just regular maintenance be sure to contact us and set an appointment for one of our professional service people to take care of you.