Duct cleaning can be thought of as unimportant but quite the opposite is true. It is highly beneficial to have ducts cleaned regularly, it’s recommended every three to five years. Having them professionally cleaned will get the allergens and dust out, pet dander and anything else that floats in the air and gets trapped in the ducts. Ducts that are loaded down with dust and tiny particles don’t work properly, limiting airflow and causing extra stress on the ducts themselves. Besides the fact that you breathe the finished product.

Breathing air contaminated by tiny air pollutants is never a good idea. Regularly cleaning your air ducts will keep the air you breathe cleaner. So although air duct cleaning is a nagging to-do list item that’s easily pushed off, it is very beneficial to move it to the top of the list to maintain a functioning, healthy home environment.

Here are six reasons we have found that having clean air ducts are beneficial to your home:

1) Eliminates dust and mold from your air conditioner and heating system. When inside your home you don’t realize how many pollutants you are breathing in. You may not need that allergy pill anymore after you clean out your ducts.

2) Your heating and air conditioning system will work more efficiently and could end up costing you significantly less money per month. A one-time cleaning can help ducts run clear and free for several years, imagine the months of savings adding up. Keeping these savings in mind, the price of cleaning your air ducts can very possibly cost you nothing.

3) Breathing in the contaminated air from unclean air ducts can be dangerous. There have been several studies examining the health hazards of breathing air that’s coming from dirty air ducts. A variety of health issues from asthma to premature aging have been linked to bad air. Wrinkles and tiredness are common side effects of breathing contaminated air. People with asthma may be more sensitive to dirty ducts and it could create more coughing or wheezing then normal. Its common sense, though, bad air simply increases the odds of having health issues.

4) Mold is a common thing for professional duct cleaners to find in your air ducts. And I think we all know that breathing in mold is horrible for your health, especially for the young and the elderly.

5) Your pet could be having his or her dander collected in your dirty air ducts. If anyone in your home is allergic to pets, or if you have company over that is allergic, just vacuuming and sweeping might not be enough. Pet dander can circulate through your home when your air ducts aren’t cleaned. Getting them cleaned regularly will dramatically decrease the amount of pet dander you and your loved ones breathe in.

6) The sensational feeling you’ll get once you know your air ducts are cleaned and you and your family members are breathing in the best quality air possible is the best reason to make this a priority.

Check this off your to-do list for maybe even five years, since one good cleaning can sometimes last for that long. And Hey! Once all your ducts are clean then you’ll finally have all your ducts in a row! You did it!

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