If you’re a homeowner, you are no stranger to unpredictable costly repairs. Unfortunately, problems like this come with homeownership. From roofs to refrigerators, when something in your home that you depend on breaks or needs maintenance, you know it’s going to give a gut punch to your pocketbook. AC repair is no different, and depending on the time of year, when your air conditioning unit needs work you can be desperate to get it back into working order. Just how expensive is it to repair your air conditioner? Let’s dive in. 


Regular maintenance and seasonal tune-ups are the best way to combat costly repairs and inconvenient breakdowns. Scheduling an AC tune-up in early spring with a professional heating and air technician before heavy use is necessary will alert you to any inconsistencies that may cause problems for you down the road. Small fixes are always easier, quicker, and less expensive if found before they are exacerbated into bigger, more complicated problems. One of the leading causes of AC failure is the buildup of dirt on outside coils, making your unit work harder and less efficiently. Regularly scheduled tune-ups prevent this problem entirely and keep your unit working properly for longer. On average, tune-up services run between $100-$200 depending on your area, time of year, and depth of the service. Many heating and air companies offer some kind of membership, allowing you to pay in at a lower monthly rate and receive maintenance at a discount or included in your membership. 


There is truly nothing worse than a sticky, hot summer day and your air conditioning unit taking a nosedive. No matter the severity of the problem, the inconvenience alone is enough to make the entire situation a nightmare. One of the most common causes of sudden AC failure is a faulty breaker or fuse. This may seem like something simple enough for you to handle on your own, but these fuses can be tricky and dangerous and are absolutely best to be left for a professional.  Not all suddenly needed repairs are huge, painstaking jobs, and even the most complicated repairs can be done in a timely manner to get your home back to a comfortable temperature. Some other very common causes of AC failure include refrigerant leakage, frozen coils, damaged fan blades, neglected maintenance, and faulty thermostats. On average, these kinds of repairs can cost anywhere from $200-$450. 

Preventative Care

Just like with a vehicle, keeping an eye out for signs of upcoming trouble can give you a warning and some time to prepare if a repair will be needed. You can often tell things are not as they should be if there is an odor, strange sounds, or visible leakage of water or refrigerant. If you catch these warning signs in the beginning stages of the problem, it can simplify and streamline the repair process. As before stated, the best way to stay on top of your AC is regularly scheduled maintenance. 

Finding Technicians You Trust

The hardest part of needing AC repair is finding someone you trust to give you an honest diagnosis and charge you a fair price. Especially these days, it is so important to give a second thought to who you allow around your home and near your family. When selecting a heating and air company, make sure to check their reviews, company history, and pricing models (if you can, some don’t give quotes online or over the phone). It’s always best to work with someone you can respect, and can give you that respect in return.