New construction homes in NWA are becoming pretty popular these days. And why would they not be? Northwest Arkansas is an amazing place with beautiful scenery and fresh air. It is no surprise that plenty of people would like to live here. With the help of modern technology and creative architects, many of these homes are absolutely gorgeous and smart.

Smart Homes

Many years ago when we used to watch the Jetsons on our old big tube TV we could imagine a world where we talked on phones with screens and had all sorts of gadgets and gizmos from the future to help us do things. Nowadays homes are being built with “smart” devices. Many new construction homes come equipped with smart heating and cooling systems that keep bills lower and can communicate verbally with the homeowner. It doesn’t stop with just heating and air either. Smart alarms, smart lighting, smart audio, and video gadgets are pretty popular as well. Most of these things all you have to do is say out loud what you want to be done and your home will do it.

Solar Energy

It is a goal to eventually have every home in the United States use solar energy and become equipped with solar panels. Many new construction homes are being built with solar panels already installed in order to ease the burden of energy production around the globe. Because energy is produced by the sun and does not have to be generated and pushed out to all of the residences in an area, solar energy has become very popular.

Economic Health

When there is an influx of population people behind the scenes plan for it and embark on ways to profit from it. Suddenly new stores are built, restaurants appear and you see more gas stations, etc. What this means is that the community is growing and with growth comes more opportunities for employment, businesses, and fun activities. Don’t bee to alarmed if you see new construction homes around you because it means that there is an opportunity for excellent economic health for the whole area.

Heating and Air Conditioning

No matter how new and sophisticated a house is, Atchley Air will be able to handle any installs, repairs, or tune-ups that a smart home could have. Our professionals are very educated and trained when it comes to HVAC systems either brand new or very old. When it comes to new construction in NWA we are the best choice for any home because we know our stuff. Contact us today and see how we can help you.