For many people, their heating and AC system is not given much attention until a disastrous problem occurs. Busy lifestyles are the main culprit for ignoring your HVAC system. When the break down happens, we are left with a tough decision: Replace or Repair. Maintenance on your system can deter problems from happening and prolong the life of your AC and heating system. It can seem like a trivial thing, and like a waste of time and money; however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many reasons that we will explain to help you better understand why you should maintain your HVAC system.  Common issues with HVAC are leaks, clogs, electrical issues and damaged or worn out parts. Learn how to avoid having these major issues before it’s too late to avoid an expensive bill getting your HVAC system back to operating properly.

Avoid Emergency Repair

When your HVAC system goes out is it ever good timing? No, it’s always in the middle of a hot summer, or cold winter, at midnight on a holiday weekend. And you probably have family in town with a party planned the next day. Maybe it’s not all of this, but you get my drift: it’s never good timing. And simultaneously, it’s not good timing for the professional you need to come out to do the repair work. Rest assured, the price you pay will most definitely reflect this inconvenience. Besides this painful hit to the wallet, there is the very real fact that you won’t get immediate attention. These professionals have other clients and obligations meaning your problem is not only going to be very expensive but it also could take a lot of time to remedy. You can avoid this huge disaster and get the preventative maintenance you need for your HVAC. Being proactive can save you an enormous headache later.

Improved Efficiency and Performance

Who doesn’t want their AC unit using less energy ($$$) and also perform better? Seem like pie in the sky wishing? Keep reading. Yearly HVAC maintenance will ensure that your system is working properly, fix any loose ends and keep your system at peak performance. When AC systems are left without maintenance for long periods of time they are substantially less efficient and perform far below what they are capable of. Neglecting maintenance will decline the performance and increase the amount of energy needed to run. So obviously the converse is true. Regular maintenance on your HVAC will save you money and it will run better so that when you crank the air on for that party, it will not only turn on but will do its job more efficiently.

It’s not too late

Starting yearly regular maintenance can actually reverse the loss of efficiency that has occurred. You can get back all the way up to 90% original efficiency with only a couple yearly routine maintenance servicing’s. It’s kind of like it’s never too late to quit smoking; the sooner you clean the system up the sooner it starts working better.

Longer Lifespan

Air Conditioners are expensive, we all know this and dread its imminent failure. When you maintain your AC unit it drastically prolongs the lifespan of your unit. Read that sentence again. New AC units can be $4000 and up (and let’s be real here, $4000 is cheap when talking new air conditioners). Regular maintenance on your system is a tiny fraction of that and will ensure you get every last bit of value from your system.

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