The time for hot temperatures is getting closer, so what do you do if you need AC repair during a time when we are asked to practice social distance? We understand the need for safety measures and are taking them seriously. Here is how we are contributing to the solution.

AC Repair in Times of Crisis

Although we are not yet officially required to shelter in place things could change at any given moment. News stories are getting worse day by day and cases of the virus are climbing by the hour. The good news about this is that we will still be available to help you with any of your HVAC needs during this uncertain time. We know that for some sensitive people having the home at the correct temperature is crucial. We are here to help. Safely.

We Care About Your Health

We have instructed all of our employees that if they feel sick in any way to stay home and self-quarantine for at least 14 days. Each and every one of us here at Atchley Air is committed to the health and well being of every customer.  You have our word that our service technicians will not put you or your household in any danger.

More Safety Measures

When we come to your home we will refrain from shaking hands. We will carefully sanitize everything we come into contact with as well as anything that you need to come into contact with that we have. For instance, we may need a signature on from you on an iPad or any other device we will disinfect the surface before and after you touch it.

Stay Safe

Hopefully, you will not need our services while all of this is going on. If you have any questions or are not sure what to do educate yourself and learn all that you can about COVID 19. Be aware of the symptoms and how to keep from spreading the virus. If you do need AC repair during this time contact us so we can take care of your problem safely.