Advice for Heater Repair in Fort Smith AR


When is it a for sure time for heater repair in Fort Smith AR? Sometimes it is hard to determine whether or not you need heater repair, or need to replace the whole system. There are times that all it needs is a little bit of maintenance as well. But how do you know? Nobody wants to spend a bunch of extra money on something they are not even sure that they need…unless it’s a boat or maybe a nice pair of shoes. Getting work done on the heater? Not so fun. Here are a few ways to determine whether or not you need to pay an expert to repair your furnace.


If You Smell Smoke You Probably Need Heater Repair

If you ever smell smoke coming from your heater at any time it is definitely time to have a professional look at it. Turn the power off immediately. Furnaces are made to be in places that are enclosed, so if they are emitting smoke there is definitely a problem. The only time it may not be a big deal is when you first turn it on after months of non-use. The furnace will burn off the dust that has accumulated around the heating area and it will stink. Other than that, if you smell smoke, get it fixed.


Loud Noise

HVAC systems are supposed to be reasonably quiet. When they run, you should be able to hear the regular whirring of the motor and the whooshing of the air flowing through the system. If you hear more than this, it is time to get things checked out. If the machinery in the system itself gets worn out and starts clanging or banging this is a real cause for alarm. Shut the system off as quickly as possible. Another issue that causes noise is if there is a leak present in the ducting. You can hear an unexplained whistling noise or an extra air flow sound. If you have leaks in your ducts you have issues.


On and Off Sporadically

If your furnace runs for a few minutes, stops, then starts again and continues to do so you have a problem. With gas-powered furnaces, there are sensors and valves that allow the flow of the gas to come through tubes and get lit by an ignitor. If these sensors are off it can cause the ignition process to become unstable. This is very dangerous and can cause fires. If you ever hear your system starting and stopping over and over again in short bursts, turn it off and get help. It could save your life.


Heater Repair with Atchley Air

Whatever your heater problem is, Atchley Air has the experience and the qualifications to get it corrected. Decades of experience and thoroughly trained technicians are what you get when you ask us for help. Schedule a service today.