Some people find out they need a furnace repair service in Fort Smith, AR the hard way. It is cold outside and you have your heater set to full blast. No matter how high you turn it up, the heat does not seem to fill your home and get you warm. You can hear it running, and know it is working but there does not seem to be much warm air coming through the vents. You reach your hand towards the vent to determine the force of the air that blows through it. It is weak, and not very warm.

What Could it Be?

You’ve noticed signs that your system has been gradually getting weaker over time, but haven’t taken the time to check it out. Now it has gotten to the point where it is an obvious problem and you are sure you’re losing a lot of money paying the utility bills. You’ve checked out your system, the thermostat is working fine, you have changed your filters…what’s the problem?

Losing Power

It is a proven scientific fact that when a vessel that is used to move air from one place to another becomes ridden with holes the force of the air diminishes significantly before it makes it to the other side. If your furnace is pushing the hot air out and it is not making it into your home you could have holes in your ductwork. It sounds like a simple problem with a quick fix, but think about how those holes could have gotten there. Did they just appear for no reason?

Have a Closer Look

It is possible you have the cleanest home this side of Arkansas, but nevertheless many clean homes fall victim to pesky rodents that love to chew on things. The little boogers get in through tiny openings and make themselves at home in your walls, attic or basement. They can practically chew through anything so the ducts in your home are no challenge at all for them.

Regular Maintenance

People who have central heating and air will save a lot of money if they choose to get regular maintenance on their unit by a qualified professional. When a professional provides a routine maintenance service on your system he or she will check for every kind of problem you can think of, including signs of damage from pests or other issues that can ruin your furnace. This kind of upkeep will definitely save you a lot of money because you will stop small problems from becoming big ones. Atchley Air has been in business for over 60 years and will continue to bring the best furnace repair service available in the Fort Smith, AR area. Schedule an appointment with us today!