What if you need heater repair in Fort Smith, AR? Well, the first thing you do is call Atchley Air to talk to a qualified heater repair professional. This is a pretty simple solution to what could be a difficult problem. But how do you know if you really need heater repair? We have created an informational list of symptoms to look for to help you determine your level of need.

Turning On and Off Repeatedly

If your heater is sporadically turning on and off it could mean serious, even dangerous problems. Turn it off right away and contact a professional. Although it is cold outside and the thought of being without heat sounds terrible you don’t want to run the risk of starting a house fire. If you have problems with your heater repeatedly starting and stopping, turn it off and call a professional immediately. This could be a fire hazard. Heaters are a source of heat, and although they are built with safety in mind, they can become deadly. This is one symptom that can not be ignored.

Making Unfamiliar Noises

Normally your heater will make the same sounds as it always does when it is running. A quiet hum, or the sound of a fan whirring. Loud squeaking or screeching sounds could mean serious trouble. In fact, any unfamiliar sound coming from your heater or through the vents could imply something is terribly wrong. Loose belts, leaking ducts, plugged filters can all be the reason for strange noises so it is always best to contact a professional and see if you need repairs done.

Emitting an Odor

If you notice an odor when you are running your heater, it could be a problem, but not necessarily. Most times at the beginning of the cold weather season when you turn your heat on for the first few times you will smell dust burning. This can be accompanied by a musty, or damp smell as well. If you smell smoke, however, you have a problem. Turn the heater off, make sure there is not a fire, and call a professional. The same thing if you smell chemicals or a rotten egg smell. Odors like this could be because of a gas leak or chemical leak inside of the unit. Whenever you smell anything that you are uncertain about, it is always a good idea to turn the power off and call a professional for help.

Spikes in Energy Bill

If you notice an unexplained spike in your energy bill it could be an indicator that something is wrong. If your heater is running harder than it should be odds are that it needs to have maintenance done on it before serious damage sets in. Heaters are moderately complex machines and can have numerous part malfunctions that can’t be seen or heard by an untrained person. A spike in your bill is good money getting drained right out of your pocket. Call an expert and get your system checked out.

Call the Heater Repair Experts

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