Air Conditioner Maintenance

A seasonal tune-up of your air conditioner is your best defense against untimely breakdowns and excessive electric bills!

Want to know how to prevent breakdowns and make your home comfort system last longer? Keep it clean with proper air conditioner maintenance!

One of the most common causes of an A/C system breakdown is dirt. Dirt builds up in the  outdoor coil, making your air conditioner less effective and less efficient. It has to work harder and run longer until finally it breaks! Then you’re hot, frustrated, and you have to call us. Why not prevent this in the first place with a scheduled preventive maintenance program?

Another key item that needs to be addressed on a regular basis is the condensate drain.  Your air conditioning system removes humidity from your home.  In doing so, condensation is created.  This condensation is drained to the outside.  Most of the time, this drain can be seen close to your outdoor a/c unit.  Over time, these drains can clog.  A clogged a/c drain can result in thousands of dollars of water damage to your home when the condensation spills over onto your ceiling or floor.  Our a/c tune-ups include flushing this drain line, which drastically reduces the chances of a clogged drain. 

Give us a call or schedule your appointment online.  We’ll send one of our trained technicians to your home to perform a thorough tune-up on your a/c system.  If it could talk, your air conditioner would thank you for letting us give it a thorough cleaning and tune-up.

Club Membership Program

Our Club Membership programs take the stress out of preventative maintenance.  We’ll do all the hard work and make sure the manufacturer maintenance requirements are fulfilled on your a/c unit.  We also have filter delivery programs available so you never have to make a trip to buy a new filter again!  And the best news is that we make it easy to pay for with our monthly autopay plan.  For about 50 cents a day you can make sure your a/c system stays clean and ready to perform through the hot summer months!

A/C Maintenance Checklist:


Thermostat inspection


Electrical system inspection


Testing of all capacitors


Testing of motor bearings


Testing of motor amperage


Drain line flush


Condenser coil cleaning


Refrigerant charge check

Membership Features

As a Club Member, you’re entitled to 2 Preventive Maintenance Visits each year, as well as a 15% discount on all service repairs.

Need to schedule your seasonal maintenance? Or perhaps you want to sign up for our maintenance membership club? Call Atchley Air at one of the number listed at the top of the page!


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