Why would anybody want AC repair in Centerton at the beginning of the winter? It seems like it would make more sense to look for heating repair during the cold months. However, the truth is if you are prepared, you won’t have to scramble when the time comes and you need it the most. Your AC will be in perfect working condition when it gets hot. And, if you’re wise, your heater would have been healthy and ready to go when the cold of winter hits.


The Seasonal Rush

What happens when people put HVAC concerns off for too long is that when it is time to put the system to work, it is just when it is needed the most. If it doesn’t work when you need it to, you may have to go without it until the rush is over. If you do a little bit of math, you can see the problem. If 1,000 homes in a city turn on their AC when it hits 100 + degrees outside, and none of them work, all one thousand of those people will be calling the professionals to help them. If a service takes one hour to perform on each of those homes, that is 1,000 hours. We are just using the number 1,000 as a placeholder. There could be more, there could be less. However, when there are this many people in an area at the same time that need help, HVAC companies get bogged down and are not able to help everybody as quickly as they would like to be helped. If there are 1,000 people every day for the first few weeks of summer that need service, it can be a little crazy.


The Sweet Spot Time

At the beginning of winter, as things begin to get cold, there can be a large demand for heating repair and tune-ups. Everybody needs a warm place to live in the winter, so it is understandable that HVAC companies will be busy in the first couple of months of colder weather. If you wait until after the winter heat rush, for that sweet spot in between the high demand times, you can get a head start on your cooling needs for the upcoming hot days. If you failed to get your system maintained the summer before, winter is a great time to get a professional to co come out to fine-tune your air conditioner and take care of any repairs that you might need before the heat comes.


The Right HVAC Technicians

Regardless of what time of year that you need HVAC service, it is always best to make sure that you choose a company that has all of the experience and knowledge necessary to give you the best bang for your buck. Since your HVAC is part of everyday life, it is crucial to make sure that it is in tip-top shape so it will not only keep you comfortable but won’t cost you a bunch of extra money to keep up. Atchley Air has been in business for a very long time, and for good reason. We know what we are doing. Schedule a service today and let us help you stay nice and comfy throughout every season.