AC repair in NWA during the cold months? Why could this be a thing? Oftentimes people do not prepare themselves for the hot months and when they come all of the air conditioning repair companies are so busy that it takes more time than necessary to get the problem resolved. This is where thinking ahead can save a lot of problems. Taking care of the one thing that regulates how comfortable or uncomfortable your home is during the summer and the winter months should be a priority to all.


Regular Checkups

It is important for your system to get regular checkups in order to determine the health of the unit. Although it may be strong and working great during the summer, you never really know how much damage was done in the process of all the hard work until you look. Air conditioner maintenance may seem like an unnecessary precaution, but in the end, it could save you thousands of dollars.


AC Care in the Winter

During the winter months, there is not a lot of air conditioner repair going on. Most people are more concerned about their heaters. This is why it is such a great time to schedule a technician to have a good look at your system. This way you can get a good idea of how to make sure your unit does well throughout the summer. Some of the problems that can occur during summer  use that need to be attended to are:


  • Dirty filters
  • Leaking ducts
  • Freon loss
  • Worn parts
  • Loosened connections


Any one of the above-mentioned problems can cause even bigger problems down the line if they are not addressed. Dirty filters alone can cause huge problems because they restrict the airflow that goes through your system and cause the motor to work much harder than it is supposed to.


Atchley Air AC Repair in NWA

North Western Arkansas is a pretty good-sized area, with a lot of people. During the times of the year when HVAC services are in the highest demand, it is sometimes really hard to get heating and air conditioning problems fixed as quickly as customers want them to be. This is why it is so much better if repairs get taken care of during the off-peak months. If you are wondering whether or not your air conditioning system has another summer left in it, don’t wait until the hot weather hits. Schedule a service and get it taken care of before a problem even exists.